COVID plans – “Having a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place will help to protect your staff and customers.”

COVID plans, in NSW have a look at the NSW Govt Website – The latest News and updates.

Some businesses will need to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan under the public health orders, but you can also voluntarily complete one. To find out if you need to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan, select your industry – link to find a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your industry.

A must for some business but voluntary for others but, a plan would not be difficult to implement and sample templates are on the website. If you need a hand call me.

Media Release – Tough new COVID-19 restrictions.

“Having a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place will help to protect your staff and customers.”

I recommend you complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

COVID-19 Safety Plans help to protect your staff, customers and visitors as you get back to business.

There are different plans for different industries, and they all provide advice on:

·      hygiene and safety

·      physical distancing

·      recording contact details of staff and customers

·      staff wellbeing.

When you’re completing your plan, consult with your staff, and share it with them when it’s done.

Remember you have options, you can either:

·      use the COVID-19 Safety Plan template , or

·      develop your own plan to address the checklist of recommended actions on this page.

Updating your plan

·      You may need to update the plan in the future, as restrictions and advice changes.

·      The plan available on this page will always be the most recent.

·      If you have registered as a COVID Safe business online and you update your safety plan, you do not need to register again.”

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